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The Contemporary Collection

The Contemporary Collection

Our contemporary range of Italian leather purses showcases our signature full-grain leather in a series of innovative, attractive designs that are perfect for both daytime and evening. This collection of stylish leather purses reaffirms Maxwell Scott as a leading name in accessory design.

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  • Barella Birkin-Style Handbag Barella Birkin-Style Handbag  
    3 colors More info
  • Claudia Handbag Claudia Handbag  
    $516.00 $464.00
    3 colors More info
  • Riana Handbag Riana Handbag  
    3 colors More info
  • Rossano Kelly-Style Handbag Rossano Kelly-Style Handbag  
    $454.00 $364.00
    3 colors More info
  • The Clarissa Bag The Clarissa Bag  
    $520.00 $416.00
    3 colors More info
  • Loren Handbag Loren Handbag  
    $462.00 $231.00
  • Rosa Handbag Rosa Handbag  
    $469.00 $235.00
  • Isabella Shoulder Handbag Isabella Shoulder Handbag  
    $536.00 $268.00
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Our Italian leather purses are classics with a contemporary edge. Handcrafted in Tuscany from locally-sourced, full-grain leather, these purses are guaranteed to stand the test of time. We only use vegetable-tanned leather: not only is the natural process of vegetable tanning less harmful to the environment than chemical alternatives, it also produces stunning results. This gorgeous leather will improve with age, becoming suppler and richer in color.

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