How To Look Sharp For NYFW: Men’s

February fashion month is upon us, and it’s Men’s fashion that will commandeer the spotlight first. Whether you’re attending NYFW or simply channeling the looks into your work wardrobe from afar, here are our top tips for curating a smart aesthetic for the New York fashion season…

1. Suit up

Experiment with your sartorial style for a powerful, polished look. Adventurous suiting has been big on the catwalk for 2017/18, and is set to continue this Spring. If you’re not keen on experimenting with suit patterns or colors, try dabbling with a statement tie instead. This will keep your look fresh and modern, yet still appropriate for the office. Pair with our The Paolo3 briefcase to top off your sleek and classic ensemble.

2. Get a new ‘do’

Your outfit won’t matter if you’ve neglected your grooming regime. It’s all about the sharp, sleek ensemble – a fusion of style elements that build up a strong, stylish look. Indulge in an expensive new do to top off your look for NYFW. If you take pride in your beard, make sure its clean and well-shaped so that it doesn’t let your look down. The right haircut will make the most of your facial features and let it be known that you carefully consider every aspect of your style, from head to toe. Invest in some top quality hair products that will see you through day to night and keep your hair looking its best. Keep them ready to hand in our DunoL large leather wash bag.

3. Accessorize well


A well-chosen accessory can make all the difference to your NYFW look. Abandon the ‘smart’ watch with its complicated interface and opt for a more traditional, classic accessory. If you put on a watch everyday, we recommend keeping it simple and sleek by investing in an Italian leather wristwatch that looks as expensive as it’s worth. The right watch can completely transform an outfit, exuding class and alluding to your premium tastes: it fuses fashion and functionality and can say a lot about your character.

4. Say it with shades

You should always a have a trusty pair of shades on you during NYFW, no matter the weather. Essential if the sun is shining, or simply as a statement piece that complements any ensemble. Opt for a sleek and refined design with metallic frames to make your outfit just a little sharper. Feel free to experiment with different silhouettes to find the shape that perfectly frames your features. Protect your sunglasses in style with our Rufeno slim leather glasses case – a practical and luxurious accessory that will soon become indispensable.

If you’re traveling for NYFW, you’ll want luggage that won’t let you down. Make your voyage easier by utilizing our practical and stylish travel collection. Shop here.