Introducing Hygge: The Cozy Danish Lifestyle That Everyone Is Talking About

If you haven’t heard of Hygge, where have you been? It’s the cozy Danish lifestyle that’s taking America by storm, and for good reason. Read on to find out how Hygge can help you kick off your 2018…

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word that represents the acknowledgment of a feeling or a moment as truly special, lovely or ‘cozy’. Think sipping on a fresh cup of coffee when the weather is cold outside; listening to a song that brings back special memories; treating yourself to that cashmere sweater and feeling the softness against your skin.
We’re all guilty of forgetting to feel things in the moment. Hygge encourages you to live for those little things, setting aside the vacuous moments that don’t really matter. It’s all about feeling good – feeling that ‘cozy’ feeling – and it’s the perfect foundation for a New Year’s resolution that counts.

T H E   F E E L I N G

O F   T O G E T H E R N E S S


There’s a certain warmth that we always feel from ‘togetherness’. It’s a sense of intimacy and safety. There’s holding hands with a loved one – or watching your child do something they enjoy. Hygge is all about creating those intimate moments and connecting family and friends. For example, hosting a candle-lit dinner for your family and really feeling the value of that moment you’re spending together. Hygge promotes acknowledging the fun, laughter and warmth from moments like these.

Make sure you’re fully in the moment. When you’re spending quality time with your children, try not to let your phone become a distraction. Put work worries to the side and truly enjoy your time together. It’s those precious moments that will give you the feeling of hygge – that truly special warmth and coziness. There’s nothing more hygge than really appreciating those moments of closeness with family and friends.


R E L A X I N G   S P A C E S


We all spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. It’s the first place you see in the morning, and the last place you’ll be at night. It therefore makes sense to establish hygge coziness into this all-important space. Start with your bedding – choose ultra soft, premium quality sheets that you’ll really enjoying snuggling down into after a full day at work. Ensure maximum comfort with padded cushions and knitted throws.

Clear your bedside space of clutter and decorate with items that appeal to your senses. Positioning a vase of fresh flowers next to your bed will lift the mood and atmosphere of your bedroom instantly. Light scented candles of your favorite scents to help you wind down at night-time, or simply to enjoy some down time whenever you need it.


S E L F   C A R E


This one is simple. Have that long soak in the bath after a tough day of meetings. Buy that new sweater or purse that you’ve been eyeing up for weeks, especially if it makes you feel cozy or confident. Eat your favorite food and relish the flavour. Try homemade desserts, food that gives you comfort or warm drinks for that ultimate cozy feeling. It’s all about acknowledging your own needs and listening to them.

If it’s freezing cold outside, maybe don’t wear those killer heels because you know your colleague admires them or they’re in fashion. Let yourself wear a pair of comfy heeled boots or embellished ballerinas – remember, it’s all about being comfortable. Buy clothing that reflects your style, but invest in items that make you feel great when you wear them. Embrace comfort and familiarity, not necessarily expense.

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