spring vibes

How To Infuse Spring Vibes Into Your Home Decor

The gloom of Winter is slowly lifting and the fresh tones of Spring are edging ever closer. It’s time to ditch the dull hues and moody candles to refresh and rejuvenate your living spaces. Read on for our top tips on how to create those spring vibes…

1 . W H I T E   S P A C E S

spring vibes

It’s all about white open spaces. Create a light, bright atmosphere and the mood is bound to follow. Ditch the dull winter tones and brighten up your living space with white furniture, home accessories and soft furnishings. You’ll be amazed by the instant change to any room.

If you fancy switching out the rich burgundy or navy hues in favor of something lighter, why not give your home an instant facelift with a fresh coat of white paint? Whether you choose to open up your sitting room, bedroom or bathroom, you’ll find the new, bright ambience to be the perfect backdrop for productivity.

2 . G O   G R E E N

spring vibes

Lush greenery is the best way to freshen up your home decor and is extremely versatile. From climbing plants to succulents, elements of foliage will add that all-important touch of life to your home. If you have an extra surface that needs sprucing up, add some mismatched plants to emulate that spring feeling.

Hanging plants really create dimension and texture. Experiment with long, draping plants in the living room to make your domestic spaces look more interesting. An effortless way to incorporate greenery into your home decor is to opt for a freestanding plant with a statement ceramic holder. Easy, but effective.

3 . E X T E R I O R   D E C O R

spring vibes

Think outside the box. Add decorative touches to the outside of your home. Extending the spring vibes to the exterior of your house is a smart choice – after all, it’s the first thing you, your partner and guests will see. Set the tone for spring by hanging fresh floral baskets outside the windows. Opt for seasonal flowers in gorgeous spring hues to really rejuvenate the overall look and feel of your home.

4 . P I N K S   A N D   P A S T E L S

spring vibes

Pastel hues are big on the catwalk this spring. If you’re not keen on incorporating lavender tones or soft pinks into your everyday wardrobe, try infusing the trend into your home decor instead. A splash of warm coral or fresh lilac will soften the overall look of the room and create spring vibes, whether you choose to add a pop of color with soft furnishings or invest in some light and bright wallpaper.

Rose tones and purple hues don’t have to feel overly feminine, especially in the home. They’re naturally comforting and will add a warm glow to any room in the house. Adding small accessories in Spring tones is a great way to get the look without overdoing it. If you’re feeling daring, consider painting one feature wall to make your pastels pop without taking over the room.

5 . U P L I F T I N G   R E A DS

spring vibes

It’s not just about the new paint jobs and soft furnishings. Try filling your home with uplifting books and magazines, leaving things to read on the couch, bed or in the bathroom. This makes a subtle, yet sweet, difference to you and your guests. Reading more is a New Year’s resolution that you can truly stick to. You’ll always be surrounded by something positive and refreshing to read, giving you inspiration, new knowledge and motivation for day to day life.

Take a deep breath and relish the spring rejuvenation of your home. If you’re done with the decor and feel like your wardrobe needs some TLC, put your feet up and discover our beautiful leather bags here.