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About Maxwell-Scott

Maxwell-Scott champions timeless style and impeccable quality by honoring Italian craftsmanship and classic British design.

Founded in 2002 by Yorkshireman and entrepreneur, William Scott Forshaw, the vision for Maxwell-Scott has always remained the same - to create leather heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation. We believe that luxury is intrinsically aligned with quality. As such, since day one, William has strived to source the finest quality leather in the industry. He has developed loyal connections with factories and tanneries within the most prestigious leather powerhouse in the world - Italy. Leather here is a way of life. It is iconic for preserving traditional artisan methods and there is an honesty to the Italians’ leather craft that is entirely unrivaled. A testament to their durability, quality and craftsmanship, all of our bags and accessories boast a 25 year warranty.

The man Behind The Bags

The Family
Behind Our Craftsmanship

The Brand
Maxwell-Scott’s ethos is to craft fine leather bags and accessories that defy the modern day throwaway fashion culture. This manifesto will never change. A Maxwell - Scott creation is destined for longevity.

Our pieces are by your side for the long run, through all of your adventures and defining moments. They carry your life in the grain of the leather, and, over time, trigger a nostalgic sentiment that makes them irreplaceable. This is why we craft each of our pieces from the highest quality, full grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather.

The Highest Quality

The quality of the leather depends on the portion of the hide which is used. The best is from the saddleback where the fibres are tightest. This is in contrast to the lower portion which is poor in quality as it tends to have looser fibres that make up the hide. At Maxwell-Scott, we source the finest leather from the saddleback in order to ensure the durability and look of the material.

Full Grain

Full grain is the highest grade of leather and of the absolute best quality. It is considered the most durable and robust form of leather as it is made from the strongest part of the animal skin. In addition to this durability, it is often recognized for its attractive quality due to the close grain pattern. Totally undoctored, unlike split leather, it retains the natural markings of the cow. Over time, as the leather is used, full grain leather improves as it naturally develops a stunning and unique patina. This means that the leather always has character.


Vegetable-tanning is an artisan tradition which has been passed down through families over centuries. It is still a way of life for many in Tuscany. Importantly it is 100% natural and, therefore, the process does not use toxic chemicals which can then enter waterways. In fact, the dyes are bark extracts from chestnut, quebracho and mimosa trees. Through conscientious manufacturing, rooted in tradition, vegetable-tanning is the best leather tanning process in the world.

A brand built on passion, the heart fused into the Maxwell-Scott emblem symbolizes the devotion of our Italian leather artisans to their craft and our commitment to offering first-class quality leather keepsakes. William’s vision for the future is to help preserve Italy’s traditional leather industry and inspire the world to invest in timeless leather pieces that will stand the test of time.

Meet The Team

Maxwell - Scott is a family-run business based in the historic cathedral city of York in North Yorkshire. Despite honoring traditional craftsmanship, we are an e-commerce business that aspires to be digitally progressive. With eight websites worldwide, our culturally diverse team work with the same focus in mind.

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“Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people.” - Steve Jobs

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Customer Service

At Maxwell - Scott, we pride ourselves on delivering impeccable customer service that reflects the premium quality of our bags and accessories. Our customer service team offer well-informed advice fused with the friendly charm Yorkshire is known for. Whether you ordered from us yesterday or several years ago, we will always aim to answer your query as quickly and efficiently as possible.