The Paolo3

Classic Leather Briefcase - 3 Section


Regular Price: $677

The Jesolo2

Leather Satchel Briefcase - 2 Section


Regular Price: $640

The Lorenzo

Small Leather Briefcase - 1 Section


Regular Price: $405

The Calvino

Italian Leather Business Case


Regular Price: $636

The Scanno

Slim Leather Attaché Case


Regular Price: $768

The Volterra

Luxury Leather Laptop Bag


Regular Price: $652

The Alanzo

Men's Leather Briefcase - 2 Section


Regular Price: $643

The Tomacelli2

Large Leather Briefcase - 2 Section


Regular Price: $702

The Paolo2

Classic Leather Briefcase - 2 Section


Regular Price: $636

The Basilio

Executive Leather Briefcase - 2 Section


Regular Price: $548

The Battista

Leather Briefcase Bag - 2 Section


Regular Price: $530

The Varese

Leather Flight Case


Regular Price: $890

The Buroni

Large Leather Attache Case


Regular Price: $863

The Lagaro

Leather Business Bag - 1 Section


Regular Price: $573

We have been accessorizing the world's businessmen with beautiful, reliable leather briefcases since the launch of the first Paolo. If you want to make an impact in the workplace or are looking for a classic yet functional replacement for your current briefcase, you are sure to be impressed by our array of briefcases. Handmade by skilled Italian artisans, our exceptional men's leather briefcases are designed to satisfy even the most discerning gentleman.

A luxury leather briefcase is a business essential for every professional gent. Our briefcases are made from the finest full-grain Italian leather and are guaranteed to stand you in good stead for many years to come. As our briefcases are handcrafted from strong, hardwearing leather, you can be sure that they will withstand a great deal of wear and tear and that the contents of your briefcase will remain pristine. We pay great attention to detail and use only the finest fittings and linings.

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