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The DunoL

Large Leather Wash Bag


Regular Price: $209

The Atella

Leather Watch Case


The Maurizio

Leather Suitcase for Men


Regular Price: $1,003

The FleroL

Large Leather Duffel Bag


Regular Price: $883

The Tanta

Large Leather Dopp Kit


Regular Price: $217

The FleroS

Small Leather Duffel Bag


Regular Price: $634

The Rovello

Leather Suit Case


Regular Price: $1,352

The SantinoS

Leather Clutch Bag


The Sepino

Leather Shirt Case


The Varese

Leather Flight Case


Regular Price: $890

This is sumptuous leather luggage at its finest. You will fall in love with our signature duffel bag, the Flero, available in four sizes, and our pilot cases are perfect for business travel. Our luggage is designed to be complementary, so you might choose to build your collection around a travel wallet or wash bag, adding another piece each year.
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