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What Makes Our Leather Special?

At Maxwell Scott Bags, our ‘signature’ leather is a versatile and luxurious product that we create with pride. Used by only the most prestigious fashion houses, our Italian leather is truly beautiful.

The Process

Located in the heart of Tuscany, our tannery is one of the most renowned in Italy, and masters a traditional art. Members of the highly esteemed ‘Italian Consortium of Leather Tanners’, they abide to strict standards and rigorous quality checks to ensure that the leathers they produce are some of the finest in the world.

They insist on only ever using vegetable tanned hides, which is truly in their heritage. Vegetable tanning is a complicated and long process that has been passed down through generations for over 200 years within the Tuscany region of Italy. Using a combination of traditional artisan crafting techniques and new technology, this process can take nearly forty days to produce.

We only select the finest full-grain Italian hides, and make it our responsibility to understand the production processes behind the products. Full-grain leather is the thick top section of the cowhide, and is considered the finest type of leather. We like our leathers to look and feel natural, so we don’t alter the hides before tanning. This means that the folds and marks are left visible, and the hides are kept strong and durable.

The use of tannins is vital in the creation of our ‘signature’ leather. Originating from the bark of chestnut trees, our tannins penetrate deep into the raw hides, enhancing the quality, feel and longevity of our leather. Over time, our leathers develop a beautiful patina, revealing warm and natural tones and ensuring that each and every product is one-of-a-kind. This traditional process also allows marks and scratches to be buffed out effortlessly, making our products easy to care for.

We only use natural tannins, so no chemicals are present in the process of dying our hides. This means that the products we produce are environmentally friendly, something which is very important to us. Our tannery is kind to the environment too, recovering, recycling and reusing as much as possible during the tanning process. They’re as passionate about tanning hides as we are about making leather bags.

We're confident that our bags will stand the test of time, and so we offer a 25-year warranty on every product.



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