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Introducing: The Christmas Color Pop

Here at Maxwell-Scott, we’re excited to introduce you to our new color pop range. Embracing a bolder aesthetic with new bright leathers such as hot pink, blush pink and petrol, the color pop collection is guaranteed to add character and flair to your accessory treasure trove. Read on to find out more about our brand new colors…


An attractive color for both men and women, petrol is a great choice for those who often shy away from brighter colors. You can easily accessorize with this rich blue-green shade without leaving your comfort zone.

An iPhone sleeve in petrol looks incredibly stylish and original, distinguishing your accessories from the rest. It’s an opulent hue that complements both your cooler-toned winter wardrobe, or a brighter, summer ensemble. As a color that works all year round, there really is no excuse not to add some petrol blue into your accessory collection.

Hot Pink

Fun, bold and irresistible, our new hot pink shade is perfect for those who like to make a statement with their accessories. Our accessories in hot pink are a bright alternative to our classic neutral leather shades, full of personality and character. Hot pink may be an overwhelming shade for feature items such as an overcoat or roll-neck, but for smaller clothing articles it’s the perfect pop of color.

Maybe you’re placing an order for the timeless Fabia or The Paolo3 and fancy treating your daughter to her own Maxwell-Scott companion. With smaller gifts available in this shade, such as The Mirabella and The Mimi, you’re guaranteed to find a vibrant leather creation that she’ll love.

Blush Pink

Soft, delicate and feminine, our new blush pink leather is well suited to women of all ages. It’s a color that anyone can pull off and adds a softness to any outfit. The blush pink leather looks beautiful imprinted with our signature gold Maxwell-Scott emblem and makes a welcome change to classic black, tan and chocolate shades.

Treat the woman in your life (or yourself) to a Mirabella L in blush pink. It’ll stand out amongst your other day-to-day essentials, and you’ll never lose your loose change or cosmetic items to the bottom of your purse again!

Go bold and beautiful. Discover our color pop range here.