The Renato

iPhone 5 Leather Flip Case


Regular Price: $94

The Vinci

Leather Keys Holder


Regular Price: $72

The Sasso

Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Phone Sleeve


Regular Price: $62

The Pico

Leather iPad Mini Sleeve


Regular Price: $207

The Mozzano

A5 Leather Notebook


Regular Price: $162

The Comano

A5 Leather Address Book


Regular Price: $191

The Mimi (Nappa)

The Chia (Nappa)

The Ilario

Leather Desk Organizer


Regular Price: $88

The Felice (Nappa)

The Lorena (Nappa)

The MirabellaL (Croco)

Handbag Organiser


The Mirabella (Croco)

Heart-shaped Purse


The Mirabella (Nappa)

The Vallata (Nappa)

The Prato (Nappa)

The Capizzi

iPhone 4 & 4s Flip Case


Regular Price: $88

The Sibilla

iPhone 5 Leather Cell Case


Regular Price: $55

The Luzzi

Leather iPad Case


The Ettore

Leather iPad Case


Regular Price: $211

We offer a wide range of small leather goods and accessories, each of which is an investment piece that will last for many years. Our accessories lend themselves well to being bought as gifts for special occasions. Nowhere is the quality of our stitching and our attention to detail more evident than when looking closely at our small accessories.
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