Vegetable tanned leather backpacks in a range of designs. Made by hand to last a lifetime.

Due to the robust nature of our beautiful signature leather, these luxury backpacks can endure everyday scratches and scrapes and are easy to care for. Ideal for traveling and for use as a handbag alternative, these stylish bags offer a solution for every occasion.

Our skillfully handcrafted leather backpacks for ladies are handmade in Italy from locally sourced cow hides. We make it our responsibility to select the very finest hides to ensure that your leather rucksack will last a lifetime. Our Italian leather backpacks are ideal for the frequent traveler, or even as a stylish alternative to an everyday handbag. Each item manufactured by Maxwell Scott Bags has been designed to endure wear and tear, are functional, and look fantastic. Each product is available in 3 classic colors: Classic Chestnut Tan, Dark Chocolate Brown and Black.

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