Womens Collections

Our women’s range of luxury leather goods epitomises well-thought-out British design and meticulous Italian leather craftsmanship. We are immensely proud of the way our bags are made: slowly, by hand, and with great attention to detail.
The first time you hold your new handbag, briefcase, or wallet in your hands, the rich smell of leather will permeate your senses, carrying you away to the hills of Tuscany where our leather is tanned in accordance with ancient vegetable-tanning processes.
We are sure you will agree: our bags are impeccably crafted. They will even improve in appearance over the years as the leather develops its own unique patina. With no artificial coatings on the grain of our leather, nature's elements are free to develop its character.
But if there is one thing that is as important to us as the design of our bags, it is their functionality. That is why we include features such as zipped pockets, detachable shoulder straps, and easy-to-clean lining where possible. Because we know that once you own one of our products, you won’t want to leave home without it. And we want to make sure it lasts you a lifetime.

At Maxwell Scott Bags, we combine contemporary British design with meticulous Italian craftsmanship to create a range of leather goods that epitomise luxury. Handmade with great care in Tuscany using traditional methods passed down through generations, each of our beautiful full-grain leather bags tells its own unique story. However, we like to create bags that are more than beautiful. Fusing style with function is what we do best, and this is why our bags include features like zipped pockets and detachable shoulder straps, as well as being made from our easy-to-maintain luxurious leather. Our practical and stylish bags keep all your belongings safe and will become irreplaceable companions.

From bags for business to chic accessories and elegant ladies wallet, we have a product for every woman. Our bags are a lifetime investment that will improve with age, developing a patina and becoming more beautiful and individual than ever.
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