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The Pienza

Leather Pen Holder


The Shoulder Strap

Leather Shoulder Strap


The Sasso

Samsung Galaxy S3 Leather Phone Sleeve


Regular Price: $50

The Mozzano

A5 Leather Notebook


Regular Price: $151

The Sibilla

iPhone 5 Leather Cell Case


Regular Price: $52

The Renato

iPhone 5 Leather Flip Case


Regular Price: $83

The Capizzi

iPhone 4 & 4s Flip Case


Regular Price: $83

The FrancoB

Italian Leather Jeans Belt for Men


Regular Price: $62

The Luzzi

Leather iPad Case


Regular Price: $151

The Ettore

Leather iPad Case


These leather accessories complement the rest of our men's range perfectly and lend themselves to business, leisure, or travel use. Nowhere is the attention to detail that goes into making each and every product more apparent than in the stitching of our smaller accessories. There is plenty of gift inspiration to be found among our luxurious, vegetable tanned leather accessories.
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