The Maxwell – Scott Brand

Fusing Great British design and fine Italian craftsmanship, the Maxwell Scott Bags brand derives from William’s entrepreneurial lunch breaks selling briefcases to businessmen in London. Since then, we have grown into a luxury brand encapsulating ambition, fine quality and opulence.

Our Vision

In 2013, we began a process of re-imagining Maxwell Scott Bags with a single thought in mind – to become the most loved British bag brand in the world. With an ever-growing business and an expanding base of loyal customers across the globe, we believed in this vision one hundred percent.

Our newfound ambition drove us to create a fresh brand identity. One that epitomised fine craftsmanship, detailed design and traditional style.

Now, with an ever-expanding team at our Head Office in North Yorkshire, our vision, creativity, and values are as strong as ever. We believe that Maxwell – Scott has no limits.

The Maxwell - Scott Monogram