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Step Into Roberto’s Office: The Head Of Our Leather Factory

Following in the footsteps of his father, our Orazio, Roberto now directs the whole production. A man keen to continue his family legacy, his dedication to the leather factory and his skilled artisans is boundless…

Roberto is the son of Orazio. He deeply understands his role in the continuation of his father’s legacy. His two sisters, Mara and Diana, are also instrumental to the running of the factory. Roberto says that he benefits significantly from his father’s experience. The skills of the people around him, some of whom who have been working in the factory for over 24 years, also catalyze his drive and success.

The head of production needs to be firm and efficient to yield results, however, Roberto also understands the importance of listening. Like his father, this relationship is something which he prides himself on. Creating the best products centers around his family, working together under his leadership.

“We are not selling bags, we are selling emotions.”

The Daily Routine

The office opens at 9:30 am, breaks for lunch from 1:00 pm to 2:30pm till 7:00 pm. Within this time, Roberto’s role consists of directing the factory on the daily basis and managing the shifts for the workers. He is also involved in material selection – leather, metal parts and zips – as well as the composition of the bags. At the end of the road, some time is allocated to business development, such as new client acquisition.



The Future

Naturally, as the business is family run, looking to the future is always on Roberto’s mind. His daughter Marta is now 18. In September she will start studying medicine, but even if she is not following into the footsteps of her dad, she wants to make sure that the factory continues to operate. Her heritage is important to her and she holds dear the way of life that her family has had for decades. 

Roberto’s favourite products? The classic briefcases like the Paolo and the smart travel bag, the Flero.