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leather journal

Finding The Perfect Leather Journal For 2018

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get organized, there’s no better way to start than with a brand new leather journal. Read on to discover which Maxwell – Scott leather journal is the best fit for you…

Make the right choice of leather padfolio for you and your lifestyle. A great notepad adds a stylish edge to the messiest of jottings, fusing business elegance and organized thinking. Whether you’re observing an important presentation in the boardroom or brooding over business strategies in a cozy coffee shop, your leather journal will soon become your fondest companion.

F O R   T H E   B U S I N E S S   M A V E N
leather journal

T H E   D I M A R O


Offering so much more than a simple notebook, The Dimaro is the perfect choice for the boardroom native. This handsome leather conference folder keeps all of your business notes and documents neatly zipped up and organized.

Place A5 and folded paper in the left-hand pocket, and extra special items such as business receipts and travel tickets in the zipped pouch. The sophisticated design of The Dimaro keeps your conference work under control, and the boardroom’s focus on you.

leather journal
F O R   T H E   T R A V E L   W R I T E R
leather journal

T H E   M O Z Z A N O


By traveling, we open ourselves up to new and exciting adventures. New sights, people and experiences find a natural home inscribed upon the pages of a leather-bound journal. The sturdy casing and hard back of The Mozzano means you have the necessary support for note-taking, with or without a desk.

Made of high-quality Italian leather and secured with a sturdy metal popper, this eye-catching, classically designed journal can be effortlessly slipped into a satchel. It’s the perfect choice for the travel writer looking to record their memories as they explore a new place, and return home with their stories all in one piece.


leather journal
F O R   T H E   E V E R Y –  D A Y   P L A N N E R
leather journal

T H E   A L V I T O


If you prefer to leave luggage and larger bags at home whilst you head out for a busy day of activities, a pocket diary such as The Alvito is the ideal home for all your essential notes. Taking up only a small amount of room in your purse or tucked securely into a deep pocket, The Alvito can accompany you everywhere – even if you’re travelling light.

There’s ample room in this mini diary to jot down everyday notes, to prepare for upcoming plans and make a list of all your important meetings that day. With a handy pen slot at the side, The Alvito is an essential tool to help you stay on top of a busy lifestyle. As with all of our notepads, The Alvito is made of the finest luxury Italian leather for a robust casing and timeless style.

leather journal
F O R   T H E   P R O J E C T   L E A D E R
leather journal

T H E   G A L L O


With a full A4 notepad and handy slots for your important documents, The Gallo ensures you’re always prepared to present research to your team, and discuss new concepts and ideas. Keeping all your documentation organized, this sleek leather business portfolio will accompany you through to any project’s completion and beyond.

The Gallo is specifically designed to leave the top, bottom and sides of the folder open so that A4 sheets can be tucked into the pocket on the left-hand side, without being folded. The sturdy luxury leather cover ensures that the sheets remain flat and protected from fraying or rips. The folder is secured with a robust leather strap, so there’s no risk of it falling open in your bag.

leather journal

Find your perfect leather padfolio, notebook or journal with Maxwell-Scott’s collection of luxury business accessories.