The Luxury Guide To Coachella 2018

You may be a fan of the glitz and glamour of celebrity favorite, Coachella, but not all of us are partial to a muddy camp-out in a tent amongst other festival goers – and that’s completely okay. Read on to discover our top tips how to enjoy Coachella the luxury way…

1. Camp At Lake Eldorado


You don’t need to compromise on accommodation to enjoy Coachella to the full. The serene setting of Lake Eldorado is only accessible to Camp Lake Eldorado guests. It boasts free, exclusive showers, fully-pitched safari style tents and 16-inch teepees. Complete with cots, sleeping bags and pillows, there’s no need to traipse for miles with your tent or bedding. It’s all ready and waiting for you.

Don’t forget to pack these handy, Italian leather travel accessories – you’ll wonder how you survived without them…

2. Invest in Premium Luggage


It’s important to travel with luggage that won’t let you down. Nobody wants their duffle bag splitting at the seams in transit. Our luxury travel duffle bags and holdalls are all perfect for traveling to and from music festivals. They’re handcrafted from the finest, full-grain Italian leather. Fitted with robust zips and strong stitching, a Maxwell – Scott travel bag is a fine investment that will last you for years to come. Naturally, it’s the stylish option too. The sleek, leather exteriors of luxury duffles such as The Flero M and The Farini will complement virtually any outfit, exuding style and finesse.

Invest in a timeless classic holdall – it’ll soon become a fond favorite that will accompany you on many adventures for years to come…

3. Pack A Re-Vitalizing Kit


Compiling a relaxing, revitalization kit is essential to your trip to Coachella. Pack your favorite soothing skin creams, oils, exfoliation products and calming face masks. If your accommodation allows for it, slip some incense or a scented candle into your travel kit too. Coachella is jam-packed with fun events and things to do, but all the partying can quickly leave your body, hair and skin feeling neglected. Make sure you take time out of your busy schedule for self-care. Don’t forgo your daily skincare routine, and pencil in time to cleanse and destress your body. You’ll thank us for this one later.

Pack your essentials away into the luxurious Chia cosmetics case, or The Pratello premium hanging leather washbag…

4. Stick To Standout Pieces


The key to looking effortlessly stylish throughout Coachella is to pack standout garments or accessories that embody your personal style. We’re talking color-popping pieces or luxury accessories that exude a fashion-forward feel and premium quality. These items don’t tend to require too much thought to style in the morning. Color is also definitely a great option. Choose a statement bag or silk scarf in a vibrant shade, that will easily add flair to any festival outfit.

Stick to style staples for your Coachella wardrobe: opt for The Lucca crossbody bag in a bold petrol hue, or The Santino S men’s clutch.

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