8 Wellbeing Tips For The Constant Traveler

Whether it’s for the demanding voyage that is February fashion month, or simply for day-to-day business, constant traveling can take its toll, both physically and mentally. Here are ten wellbeing tips for the individual on the go, so that traveling the world can be as enjoyable and immersive as it should be….

1. Find the time for a digital detox


A flight is the ideal time to take a digital detox. Opt for a restorative break during your flight rather than continuing the constant screen time that prevails in our day to day lives, which can be damaging and distracting. It is the most simple and effective of ways to improve your own wellbeing and to prepare yourself for your inevitably busy schedule, come touchdown.

2. Rejuvenate your travel skincare regime

Traveling can play havoc with your skin, so a month of traveling, or longer, is the ideal time to monitor your skincare regime. Good skin will become an added bonus to your trip; the beauty of upgrading your skincare is that it will add an element of effortless self-care to your trips, contributing to your wellbeing. Keep an eye out for products that will hydrate your skin (to counteract dry aeroplane air). The aim is to select a collection of products that make you feel like your skin has been revitalised anew – all packed into a sleek, Maxwell – Scott wash bag of course.

3. Prioritize a good night’s sleep


A good sleep routine is an incredibly important element of your wellbeing and will always prepare you for the day ahead. Sleep must be a priority whilst you’re away. Make sure that you schedule time to rest and rejuvenate, especially on busier days. That way, each day and evening can be enjoyed and utilized to the absolute fullest.

4. Remember to exercise

Continuing an exercise regime during your travels will help you to stay mentally and physically healthy, and is equally as important for your wellbeing as a good sleep routine. Even a brisk walk around the city will do, exploring the most beautiful sites and scenery. The key is to establish a routine, which includes an element of exercise all of the time, that doesn’t feel too strenuous: easy, refreshing and enjoyable.

5. Utilize apps


Apps are the perfect way in which to tackle any trip. Whether it’s for maps, learning the language such as with Duolingo, or for everyday meditation with Headspace, they are the most uncomplicated, productive method to make life easier.

6. Eat clean and well


Eating well and making sure you hydrate is a simple way to maintain your jet-set wellbeing. The answer is never rocket science – just everyday principles translated into your travel plans. Prepare your immune system and maintain your energy levels by choosing healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables and pulses. A dose of vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which will help to prevent the common cold. It is essential to do your research and select foods which will fuel you during your travels – you’ll thank us for it later.

7. Pre-plan everything


Take the stress out of constant traveling with a dose of planning. This will remove any preventable anxiety, which is always important for a happy and healthy traveller. For maximum ease, make sure that everything is arranged and organized into a smart document holder like The Torrino travel wallet. You’ll never have to worry about losing your important travel documents, cards or notes as The Torrino will keep your essentials protected and easily accessible.

8. Be retrospective

Ultimately, traveling is a very personal experience. A period of analytical reflection after each trip can allow you to formulate what healthy travel periods mean to you. As is always said, practice makes perfect – so learn what works well for you personally and stick to this routine. Note down the highs and lows and what you’d do differently next time. It’s all about acknowledging your own needs and desires – why should you compromise?

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